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We offer a unique curriculum which combines the elements of international education with domestic curriculum. Thus the domestic curricula for Chinese and Mathematics are taught alongside the international curriculum for English, Science, PE and ICT. Both Art and Music classes carry the essence of East and West. 

Learning Approach

Through activity-based teaching, small group work, a varied curriculum and a culture of encouragement, we teach our students initiative, self-reliance, flexibility, creativity, and leadership.
We will engage our students in the learning process, and help them to develop natural inquisitiveness towards their studies that will make them life-long learners


1.  Subjects like Chinese and Mathematics are based on domestic textbooks but are taught in a creative and student-centered way.
2.  English is a key part of our culture here at HD; in order to surround our students with an authentic language experience we utilize English not only in lessons like Science, English and so on, but through daily routines and extra-curricular activities.
3.  Science is taught mainly in English,and is aimed to develop our students’ abilities to cooperate with others, to explore and to solve different problems.
4.  We value our students’ music and sports abilities. Students in HD have the opportunity to try different music instruments in each year, so they can find what they really like.
5.  We will also introduce Art & Design Thinking. Armed with the mindsets and skills of Art & Design Thinking, students are able to identify situations and solve problems in a creative way. 


Prep is an integral part of the Primary school at Shanghai HD Bilingual School and give students a foundation so they can be successful in moving seamlessly to Year One. Prep is about the individual child. Its starting point is the learner and the knowledge, skills, and attitudes that the child brings to their experiences.