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Admissions Policy and Procedure 打印

HD Shanghai Bilingual SCHOOL
HD Shanghai Bilingual SCHOOL

Shanghai HD Bilingual School seeks to offer educational opportunities to all eligible students who identify with the school’s core values, and to maintain a co-educational school with a student population representing a range of abilities.

HD Shanghai Bilingual SCHOOL

Thank you for considering HD Shanghai Bilingual School for your child’s learning needs. I hope you find your visit interesting and informative. If you have questions about our curriculum, programmes, policies, personnel, and/or facilities please contact me ( and I will do my best to answer your queries. If you decide to enroll your child please complete an Application Form. Forms can be collected from the school or downloaded from the website (

In addition we require 2 passport size photographs with your child’s name printed on the back. It would also assist us if you provide copies of previous reports.

Entry level
HD Shanghai Bilingual SCHOOL

This school year runs from 1st September until the end of June. Specific dates can be found in the school calendar. Children or students are initially placed in a Grade according to age, but English language ability, past schooling experience, test results and discussions with parents enable the school to determine the most appropriate Grade.

Note on ages
HD Shanghai Bilingual SCHOOL

In some cultures children are considered to be 1 on the day of their birth ie, at the beginning of their first year. In others they are not regarded as 1 until the end of their first year. Consequently in some cultures children might be regarded as being a year older than they would be in another culture.

In this guide to your child’s initial year level placement, it has been assumed that children turn 1 at the end of their 1st year, 2 at the end of their 2nd year, 3 at the end of their 3rd year etc.

Age on or before 1 September
HD Shanghai Bilingual SCHOOL
Admissions Application Procedure
HD Shanghai Bilingual SCHOOL

Learning about the School: attending an Information Meeting

Please make an appointment with the Admissions Office (phone 400-0098-089) for times of Information Meetings and School Tours.


Click here to apply the admission form and submit it online. We will confirm receipt of your application form by email immediately while you submit it.

Student Interview

An informal test of listening and speaking in Chinese and English and non-verbal reasoning

Parent Interview

Parents will be invited for interview on the same day with the assessment of their child.

Admission Notice

The Admissions Committee makes admissions decisions and parents informed of interview outcome.

Accept: to accept the offer pleas-e pay tuition fees to secure place

Waitlisted: If there are more qualified candidates than available places student will be placed on a waitlist.

Decline: candidates may interview again after one academic year.

HD Shanghai Bilingual SCHOOL

Learning about the School: attending an Introductory Meeting or visiting the Campus

We expect parents to support our educational philosophy and approach to teaching.We welcome parents who are open-minded, share our School’s educational philosophy and are prepared to support the bilingual education programme of our school. Please contact us to arrange an appointment with the Admissions Office. Introductory Meetings by the Headmasters are normally conducted on weekends.  Please check our website or contact us for more information.

Student Assessment / Parent Interview

We would like to meet each potential student to see whether the School is suited to his/her educational needs. Admissions interviews will be held on in January Please contact the Admissions Office to arrange a place in the assessment interviews. Parents will be invited for interview following the assessment of their child.

Expectations of Parents

Parents should recognise and be willing to cooperate with the School’s philosophy and methodology, and they should be prepared for a long term commitment in supporting their child’s bilingual education. Parents are expected to have a high enough level of Chinese and/or English that they can receive correspondence in both languages from the School. Parents and children are also required to have email and internet access.


Successful students will be accepted, provided that a space is available. After Parents’ sign the Parent Agreements, parents will be notified by e-mail and a written Acceptance Notice will be mailed. Students who are not accepted at this time may be placed on the waiting list until a space becomes available.

Placement Confirmation

Parents need to confirm their place at HD Shanghai Bilingual School by paying the fees indicated on the invoice from the Finance Office. If the applicant fails to pay the fees on time, the applicant’s place will be withdrawn.

Admissions Criteria :
Family Philosophy
Attitude (Positive attitude and interest in learning)
Language Level
Skills (Thinking skills/Problem solving skills)
Academic Achievement