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The Arrangement of HD Shanghai After School Activities
After school activities have various forms and themes, which are offered by HD Schools. We provide challenging, creative and diverse programs include arts, sciences, media and technology. By participating in these activities, students can further develop their ability of 4C : creativity, critical thinking, collaboration and communication.

These courses will be arranged in after-classes.  Subject to Change per termly parent’s survey.

Brief Introductions to After School Activities


Different from other art forms, painting is much more free-style. The curriculum encourages students to express their view of the world by different artistic forms. 

Modern Arts 

You may not be able to take your children to Le Louvre in Paris, Tate in London or MoMA in New York every week. But you can't allow your children to miss out on the chance to learn about Picasso, Van Gogh, and Matisse...! Artspire Classic Art Program, created by world-renowned artists and received many international rewards. is providing a first-class visual art education for children.


Through flexible teaching, the course inspires the students’ recognition to sound, action and visual arts. The class teaching also encourage the student to communicate and cooperate with each other which will improve the student team working and collboration spirits.

Pre-Tap Dance and Tap Dance

The Tap dance Course helps the children enjoy the important experience of enjoying and creating. Tap moves with our dance specialist. Children will also develop confidence using fun dance moves with other children and develop their English language skills.  

Modern Dance Primary, Modern Dance Grade

The Modern Dance Course is a fun activity which encourages confidence and creativity through the use of popular music, rhythm and group learning in English. Modern Dance is more free-style than ballet but still has emphasis on alignment and technique.

Pre-Ballet, Ballet Primary, Ballet Grade

The Ballet dance Course will provide students new to ballet with the strength, flexibility and musicality in the classic form. Using classic technique and etiquette, your child will develop a strong foundation while being supported in a positive English speaking environment.

Drum Kit 

Starting from fundamental knowledge, teachers will instruct the students how to play drum kit until they can play some simple melody by practicing.


Starting from fundamental knowledge, teachers will instruct the students how to play violin until they can play some simple melody by practicing. The students need to bring their own instruments.


Starting from fundamental knowledge, teachers will instruct the students how to play cello until they can play some simple melody by practicing.

Chinese Go (Beginner) 

Chinese go is a traditional chess which encourages the student to think and form the logic by themselves. It helps the students to concentrate and be sharp. The course is only for the beginners.

Run, Jump, Throw  

Basic sports enables students to stretch and practice after school. The course aims to create the relaxed and funny environment for the students to do exercises based on track and field events.


The tennis course offer complete training sessions for Prep-G6 students. The course includes strategy, positions and so on. There would be two experienced teachers Igor and Andre. They both have rich teaching experience and coaching young players.


Through our basketball session, we will establish good fundamentals in all aspects of the game from footwork, passing, dribbling and shooting skills and through modified games and drill we will teach aspects such as spatial awareness, teamwork principles and defensive positioning. Basketball is one of the most popular sports in the world that really engages children and challenges their physical and metal skills. 


Through golf session for year, we will establish good fundamentals in all aspects of the game. Introducing elements of golf into the classes, coaches will instruct the students according to their own level. The students can attend more than one session each week according to their schedules.

School Choir

School Choir welcomes whoever enjoys singing. The School Choir creates an environment that the students, parents and staff can have fun together. 

Reading Club

Being part of the reading club could be an interesting and unique experience for the students. Through reading, the students will not only acquire the knowledge but also get to know different cultures around the world. Reading could help the students to open their mind and become a global citizen gradually. The course will be offered in Chinese and English.

Fun With Math

Different from Math class, Fun With Math involves more games and logic thinking in the course. It provides the students with confidence in Math and depth thinking. Find out 'how' and ‘why' thought different ways are more important than standard answers!

Mad Science

Can you experiment with inks to get different colors? Can you see a rainbow in the darkness? It's not magic, it's more amazing than magic! Invisible water, escape from chains, reading your mind.... is it magic? It is even science? The children will become detectives, connecting fingerprints, bitemarks and ink to find the "criminal". They will become mad scientists, wearing goggles, gloves and using graduated cylinders, beakers, pipettes and flasks to move liquids by themselves to do cool experiments. Then they will become "The Flash", creating lightening in the classroom. Finally they will go to 'wonderland to ride on clouds and fog'. You will find these classes unstoppable! In another class you can touch the mystery animal teeth, taken from the forest by the wild animal scientists. You also can closely observe insects, just like the famous entomologist Fabre did, and you can explore insect defence secrets. You can also follow the Mad Scientist's "deep-dive" into the ocean to find another new world and discover the treasure hidden beneath.