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Academic Ethos
HD Shanghai Bilingual School is an international centre of excellence within a Chinese context delivering a bilingual programme that is blended with the best of the Chinese National Curriculum and international education. Students are immersed in Chinese and Western cultures to prepare them to take their place in China and the world. The campus provides the best global educational resources to provide a creative, stimulating and enjoyable learning environment for students.
No one can properly predict the nature of work that will be available for today’s primary age children by the time they are adults. Many of the jobs they will have simply do not yet exist, especially in the fields of ICT, technology and science. A school curriculum must focus on personal, academic and international learning that will prepare children, wherever they may live, for the world of tomorrow. Focusing just on academics is no longer the answer to success – children and adults need a broader range of skills and knowledge to call upon in a fast-changing world. A well-rounded education is the pursuit of comprehensive knowledge, balanced across a wide range of subjects, preparing students to become competent, contributing citizens. The broad content of a well-rounded education expands future options, professionally, socially, and personally. The HD Shanghai Bilingual School’s Curriculum provides a wide variety of studies designed to develop intellectual growth, physical and emotional health, artistic endeavours, creativity and service to others.
As a school we are committed to bilingual education with our students gaining competency in both Mandarin and English. As such each language is to be given the same recognition and to be treated equally – one language is not to dominate over the other. Chinese and English will be used half-and-half as instructional languages in the curriculum for the six years in the primary school. However, the proportion between Chinese and English maybe different from year to year while taking the different characteristics of two languages and the approach to learning the language into account. The curriculum is taught using a dual-language, immersion approach, giving children the opportunity to develop competency in both Chinese and English. The primary curriculum embraces Prep to Grade 5 and includes Chinese, English, Mathematics, Science, Art, Information and Communications Technology, Physical Education and Music. These programmes are delivered by a combination of homeroom teachers and subject specialists. The curriculum is rooted in Chinese culture integrated with an international approach. The broad, differentiated curriculum ensures that each child’s individual talents are developed.
Pastoral Care
A feature of HD Shanghai Bilingual School is that each class will be led by a Chinese homeroom teacher and an International homeroom teacher. Having two experienced teachers responsible for the pastoral care of the class ensures each individual’s aspirations and learning needs can be monitored and encouraged. The two homeroom teachers are supported by a bilingual Junior teacher. Communication between home and school should be, in the first instance, with the homeroom teachers. Junior teachers are available to translate where necessary.